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I Heard a Bird Sing - DVD

“I Heard a Bird Sing” is a DVD containing a music video for my original song by the same title, the music video with my commentary and a 30-minute “Conversation with Amy Kortuem.” The music video weaves gorgeous outdoor and performance footage into the story line of the song to give viewers insight into how inspiration can be gathered and put into form in meaningful ways. The “Conversation with Amy Kortuem” gives personal insights into my creative process, musical history and what it’s like to be a harpist, performer, composer and seeker of inspiration.



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The Month of January - CD

My original music and my traditional Irish favorites make up this album, which I recorded during what is usually my hibernation time: the month of January. Much of the album is solo Celtic harp, and is beautiful in its simplicity — I wanted it to sound as if you’d come over for an afternoon and I played you my favorite songs. I am joined on two pieces by my Celtic band: Martha Lindberg on recorders, Sam Lawrence on bodhran and Marti Ryan on violin. (All arrangements by Amy Kortuem)

  1. The Month of January, Traditional Irish

  2. Banish Misfortune, Traditional Irish

  3. I Love My Love in the Morning, Traditional Irish

  4. Caipini Jig (harp solo), Amy Kortuem

  5. The Darkest Midnight, Traditional Irish

  6. Bridget Cruise air 1, O’Carolan

  7. George Brabazon airs 1 & 2, O’Carolan

  8. Caipini Jig (Celtic Band), Amy Kortuem

  9. Ierne, Amy Kortuem

  10. Nine Waves, Amy Kortuem



The Harp Her Soul Required- CD

Traditional Irish music on my Celtic harp with recorder, violin and viola. Includes "Planxty McGowan," written in honor of Jack McGowan, who gave me gift of my first harp. (All arrangements by Amy Kortuem)

  1. Morrison’s Jig/Dublin Streets, Traditional Irish

  2. Gentle Maiden, Traditional Irish

  3. Carolan's Welcome, Turlough O’Carolan

  4. Roving Galway Boy, Traditional Irish

  5. Banish Misfortune, Traditional Irish

  6. Eleanor Plunkett, Turlough O’Carolan

  7. Slane (Be Thou My Vision) / Bunessan (Morning Has Broken) / Ash Grove (Let All Things Now Living), Traditional Celtic Melodies

  8. The Parting Glass, Traditional Irish

  9. St. Patrick’s Breastplate, Traditional Irish

  10. My Lagan Love / She Moved Through the Fair, Traditional Irish

  11. Chanter’s Tune, Traditional Irish

  12. Planxty McGowan, by Anne Prather

  13. Danny Boy, Traditional Irish



The Light and the Lady- CD

Arrangements of Medieval and traditional carols for solo Celtic and concert harp in a musical meditation on the Virgin Mary's journey from Annunciation to Nativity. Recorded at Our Lady of Good Counsel Chapel. (All arrangements by Amy Kortuem)

  1. Of the Father’s Love Begotten, Gregorian Chant

  2. Gabriel fram Heven-King, Medieval English

  3. Edi Beo Thu, Hevene Quene, Medieval English

  4. A Virgin Most Pure, Traditional English

  5. Blessed Be That Maid, Traditional English

  6. Mary Wanders Through the Thorn, Traditional German

  7. The Cherry Tree Carol, Traditional English

  8. The Holly and The Ivy, Traditional English

  9. O Come, O Come Emmanuel, Gregorian Chant

  10. Lo! How a Rose E’er Blooming, Traditional German

  11. What Child Is This?, Traditional English

  12. Joseph, Dearest Joseph Mine, Traditional German

  13. A Babe is Born All of a Maid, Traditional English

  14. The Infant King (Sing Lullaby), Traditional Basque

  15. The Christ Child’s Lullaby, Traditional Hebrides

  16. Of the Father’s Love Begotten, Reprise