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Amy the Harpist

Amy Kortuem grew up in rural Mankato, Minnesota, and began classical piano training when she was 10 years old. She pursued a minor in music with a concentration in piano performance from Minnesota State University - Mankato. In 1988, Amy received a Celtic harp as a gift from a family friend, an Irishman named Jack McGowan.
That gift changed her life. Bringing the music of her harp to as many people as possible became her passion and purpose. That gift also became a thriving business. Amy has four recordings, a music video, and a rich performance history to her credit.


She has performed at a wide variety of events and for varied audiences — from preschool children to outdoor festival-goers to dignitaries like Mikhail Gorbachev.

She has performed at the popular Minnesota Irish Fair in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the Rock Bend Folk Festival in St. Peter, Minnesota. She also owns a Lyon & Healy concert harp and has performed with local orchestras and choirs and well-known vocal chamber ensembles Magnum Chorum and Musicorum.

Amy has also produced and performed concerts of her own. The CD release concert for her album “The Harp Her Soul Required” drew 800 people, and her annual holiday and St. Patrick’s Day shows have drawn hundreds of people from throughout the region.

Amy is currently on hiatus from performing due to the pandemic and while she focuses on various writing projects. You can experience her music through her recordings available here.

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